Camel Ride Abu Dhabi Tour

Camel Ride Abu Dhabi Tour


Imagine life in the desert without camels. Camels add life to a desert - they are useful for transporting goods,and the animal attracts many tourists.


You must go on a desert safari and a camel ride in Abu Dhabi. Hop on to a camelback and witness the true beauty of the Abu Dhabi deserts. We have an excellent package for you: a camel ride, refreshments, and various activities to indulge in. 


An unforgettable camel ride is a must - it allows you to experience the lifestyle and culture of Arabs. Choose our Camel trekking Abu Dhabi package for a fun-filled adventure. 

Compelling Reasons to Go For Camel Ride Abu Dhabi


It is a wonderful experience to ride on a camel and view the dunes from a distance. You get the feeling of a wealthy Arab ruling the world and being on top. 

Gain Access to Our Special Camel Ride in Abu Dhabi 

Camel trekking is ideal for travelers who wish to experience the true spirit o Emirates tradition. Our expert guides will ensure a wonderful experience in the Abu Dhabi desert. They give you basic training to enjoy your camel ride without falling off. The experts are also there with you to assist and help you get on and off the camel.

You also get to pet the gigantic animal while enjoying the views of the desert. This trip is not just about enjoying the views but also understanding the importance of the desert animal. Tourism will not thrive without this majestic and beautiful animal. 

What's included
  • You can enjoy the camel ride for three hours (including the travel time).
  • Ride across the beautiful desert on a camel for the next thirty minutes.
  • You get delicious refreshments such as tea, Arabian coffee, dates, and more.
Additional Info
  • This trek is not meant for pregnant women.
  • Heart patients must avoid this trip.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and closed shoes for maximum comfort. You must wear warm clothes during the winter season.
Cancellation Policy
  • If you wish to cancel the tour, please inform us 24 hours before your tour commences.
  • The full tour will be charged if you need to inform us regarding the cancellation.
How to find the best camel trekking in Abu Dhabi?

We offer the best camel trekking package that lasts about 3 hours. You get to be on the camel for thirty minutes.

Are refreshments included in the package?

During the trek, you will get tea, coffee, dates, and soft drinks.

Can I cancel the tour last minute?

You have to inform us 24 hours before the tour begins. This way, there will be no cancellation charges.

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