An A to Z Guide on What To Wear For a Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

An A to Z Guide on What To Wear For a Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Abu Dhabi is a fun place to be. Besides shopping and enjoying roller coaster rides, you can visit the desert. For this experience, it’s important that you book the desert safari tour from a reputable operator. That’s how you will get the whole package: pick-and-drop services, desert safari, camel rides, meals, and many other fun activities.


But hold that thought! What are you going to wear for the fun day in the desert? A desert safari Abu Dhabi means you will be amidst the dunes. And if it is a morning plan, you need to wear specific types of clothes to enjoy it to the fullest.


Dive into this quick post as we share what you should wear to the desert.


Keep It Simple and Decent


In Abu Dhabi; you should respect the local culture and people. Although a desert safari takes place some distance from the city, you must keep the clothing simple and decent.


Do not wear revealing clothing out of respect for the culture, and make sure you are comfortable throughout the journey.


Check the Temperature Before Going For a Safari


Deserts are hot during the day, and they get cooler at night. So, you should wear lighter and airy clothes in the morning and afternoon.


As for the night, you can carry a hoodie or a poncho that covers you up. This way, you won’t feel cold at night.


Lightweight Fabrics are the Best


If you visit Abu Dhabi in winter, the temperature will not get too cold, so you should carry clothes made of lightweight fabrics.


Since there are all kinds of activities in the desert, you want to stay comfortable and cool throughout the expedition. You will climb a camel, go for a ride, enjoy dune bashing, walk in the desert, and much more. So, keep it airy and comfortable.


Sun Protection is A Must


Ideally, keep your arms and legs covered because you could get sunburns. Full-sleeve shirts are the best, and you can pair them up with trousers.


Both men and women should dress as comfortably as they can. Trousers are good for both! This way, you will respect the culture and save your skin from the burning sun.


Wear Sneakers and Shades


Since you will walk on sand and do some activities, wear sneakers or sports shoes. This way, your feet won’t get burnt or sandy.


Also, carry sunglasses/shades to protect your eyes from the intense glare of the sun.


These quick tips will keep you safe and comfortable during the desert safari in Abu Dhabi. Read it again! 

Jul 17, 2023 by VD Staff
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