Things You Can’t-Miss Doing in Abu Dhabi Before Leaving!

Things You Can’t-Miss Doing in Abu Dhabi Before Leaving!

Habibi, come to Abu Dhabi! You’re missing out on so much fun by not leaving your comfort zone and visiting this beautiful city in THE UAE.


From a morning desert safari in Abu Dhabi to a perfect dinner on the dunes - there are plenty of things to do. How can you miss going to the souk and buying exquisite spices and cheap yet beautiful shoes?


There’s something for everyone in Abu Dhabi. Art enthusiasts, adventure-enthusiasts, and even foodies will have a lovely time here. Since you are considering going to Abu Dhabi, let us share what you should not miss doing here. Some are quirky, so you will have the best time here.


Fun at Ferrari World!


The roller coaster ride at the Ferrari World will blow your mind. It’s fast and furious. There are other rides you will enjoy here, but you need to have a lot of guts and confidence.


A thrilling ride is what it takes to get you excited and happy! The world’s highest roller coaster loop is exhilarating; many people come to Abu Dhabi just to experience this ride.


Besides the roller coaster and other rides, you can walk the daring rooftop. You might think it’s no big deal, but it can get scary and adventurous.


Desert Safari is Hard to Miss!


Get set for a desert safari at the dunes. You can sit on a camel and take a ride or go in a jeep to explore the dunes and the scenic beauty.


There are some fun activities lined up in a desert safari. It depends on the safari package you choose. Some packages have all the fun activities, and others include a whole day of fun and delectable food too.


The operator will pick you up from the hotel, take you on a safari ride, and drop you back safely. Make sure you’re wearing light clothes because the activities are quite adventurous.


Say Yes to YAS Island


YAS Island is where you can spend hours and not get bored. There are world-famous theme parks and a racing track for those who need speed.


Yas Island is located 30 minutes away from the airport, so reaching here is not a big hardship. Most taxis will drop you here, or you can hire one for several hours.


There is a beautiful beach and a mall to keep you interested, so don’t forget to visit this island. 

Jun 05, 2023 by VD Staff
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